Extend FitNesse

FitNesse is an extensible system. The core is written in Java, but it allows for testing in many different languages.

SLiM servers for different languages/environments

Plugin or Accessory Author URL Docs
RubySlim by Uncle Bob, Corey Haines, Doug Bradbury http://github.com/unclebob/RubySlim video Now at Slim version 0.3!
RubySlim for Ruby 1.9.3 by Lar Vonk https://github.com/lvonk/rubyslim Slim version 0.3!
.Net slim by Mike Stockdale http://github.com/jediwhale/fitsharp/downloads docs
Python Slim by Tim Bacon http://pypi.python.org/pypi/waferslim. It's a "0.9" release: while the code is believed to be "feature complete" (tested against fitnesse-20090214) more feedback from wider usage would be welcome ;-)
Transactional Spring Slim Runner by Gojko Adzic http://github.com/unclebob/springslim docs
PhpSlim by Gregor Gramlich http://github.com/ggramlich/phpslim Video Tutorials
CSlim: Slim for C and C++ by Doug Bradbury, James Grenning, Uncle Bob http://github.com/dougbradbury/cslim/tree/master See README in the repository
Objective-C Slim by Eric Meyer https://github.com/ericmeyer/ObjectiveCSlim docs
Grails FitNesse plugin Erik Pragt http://www.grails.org/plugin/fitnesse docs
.NET Fit by Mike Stockdale http://github.com/jediwhale/fitsharp/downloads docs
Coffee Script Slim Mike Suarez https://github.com/limadelic/decaf
Power Shell Slim Konstantin Vlasenko https://github.com/konstantinvlasenko/PowerSlim docs
SmalltalkFit Randy Coulman https://github.com/randycoulman/SmalltalkFit See README in the repository

Behavioural driven

Plugin or Accessory Author URL Docs
GivWenZen Wes Williams http://code.google.com/p/givwenzen/ BDD Framework for FitNesse

Dependency management

Plugin or Accessory Author URL Docs
Maven Classpath Plugin by Lars Vonk, maintained by Arjan Molenaar http://github.com/amolenaar/fitnesse-maven-classpath !pomFile /path/to/pom.xml
Ivy Classpath Plugin by Arjan Molenaar http://github.com/amolenaar/fitnesse-ivy-classpath !resolve
Gradle Classpath Plugin by Andrey Myatlyuk http://github.com/kukido/fitnesse-gradle-classpath !gradle /path/to/<gradle file>

Source control

For FitNesse 20130530 and older.
Plugin or Accessory Author URL Docs
TFS Source Control Plugin Lars-Erik Aabech @bleedo http://sourceforge.net/projects/fitnessetfs/ docs
Git Source Control Plugin Tim Andersen @timander https://github.com/timander/fitnesse-git-plugin docs


Plugin or Accessory Author URL Docs
FitNesse LDAP Authenticator Tim Andersen @timander https://github.com/timander/fitnesse-ldap-authenticator docs (for use with ActiveDirectory or LDAP)

SLiM fixtures

Web application fixtures

Xebium Driver for Selenium with Selenium-IDE roundtrip support (Xebium SeIDE plugin)
SeleNesse Driver for Selenium
Sulfur Driver for Selenium, support for all Selenium selectors, simple installation as single .jar file including all dependencies
RestFixture A fixture for testing services exposing a REST API
OASIS Open Automation Source Integrated Suite with fixtures for Xebium, Sikuli, SynthUse, JMeterBundle, and a slew of other features for back end and front end testing with credits to FitNesseSikuli

Fit Fixtures

>JdbcFixtures A set of Fixtures that provide simple database access
>FitLibrary Home of the DoFixture, as well as many other helpful fixtures and add-ons.
>JfcFixtures A set of Fixtures to test through Swing GUIs
CommandLineFixture This fixture launches commands as if they were run from a shell's command line input.
ServiceFixture This fixture library can be used to test service oriented or distributed systems. It also provides fixtures to access database.
RestFixture A fixture for testing services exposing a REST API.
easyFit A library for testing applications over HTTP(S) protocol (SLiM server is not needed)

Web application fixtures

Webfixture HtmlUnit[?]-based (author's blog entry on that)
jWebFit / jWebFixture Part of JWebUnit; only available in CVS tree. Simpler to use

Old (out of date) plugins

Just for reference.
(If you would like to develope a Plugin, see this[?].)

^DatabasePlugin Store your wiki pages in a database to significantly improve seach and refactoring performance.
^WikiMailPlugin Send email to your wiki. Create and update pages with email messages.
^LinuxPamAuthenticator[?] Allow FitNesse to authenticate users based on the Linux system users.
^BlogPlugin Give FitNesse some blog-like behavior.

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