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Official release

release 20161106

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fitnesse-standalone.jar4959084 bytes2689

Note: As of release 20121220, FitNesse comes in 2 flavours:

You can also find FitNesse in the Maven Central Repository


The latest Stable build can be found on our Continuous Integration server The QA process for Edge is the same as for a release. Test pass? Ship it!


The source Code can be found on GitHub:

What's next

It really takes very little time and effort to get FitNesse running on your machine.

  1. Click on the most recent fitnesse-standalone.jar file.
    • If this is a brand new installation, just put it in some convenient empty directory.
    • If this is an update, then copy it on top of the old fitnesse(-standalone).jar in your current installation.
  2. Type java -jar fitnesse-standalone.jar
    • It will ask you to be patient as it installs or updates.
    • Your shell should respond with something like this:
          FitNesse (v20130228) Started...
           	port:              8001
           	root page: at ./FitNesseRoot
           	logger:            none
           	authenticator:     fitnesse.authentication.PromiscuousAuthenticator
           	page factory:      fitnesse.responders.PageFactory
           	page theme:        bootstrap
           	page version expiration set to 14 days.
  3. Start up a browser and go to http://localhost
  4. The main FitNesse screen should come up. That's it. You're ready to start using FitNesse.

It didn't work!

Most likely you have another web server running. Web servers default to port 80, so if another one is running on your machine you'll have to specify another port via a CommandLineOption[?]. Try this command: java -jar fitnesse-standalone.jar -p 8080

Then point your browser to http://localhost:8080

Still no? Open me up.

What to Do If You Have the Wrong Java Runtime Environment

  • Release 20160515 and later require Java 7
  • Release 20090818 and later require Java 6
  • Release 20060719 and later require Java 5

FitNesse requires version 1.7 or later of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). If you see the messages:

C:\fitnesse>java -jar fitnesse-standalone.jar
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
        at fitnesse.FitNesse.parseCommandLine(Unknown Source)
        at fitnesse.FitNesse.main(Unknown Source)

Then you need to download and install version 1.6 or later of the JRE. Follow these steps:

  • Press a key to close the command window
  • Go to and download and install Java by following the instructions.
  • (if required) Change the PATH environment variable so that it points to the new JRE.
    • Go to the /bin folder that contains java.exe, and copy the pathname (for example, C:\Program Files\Java\j2re<version>)
    • Go to Settings>Control Panel>System>Advanced>Environment Variables>PATH>Edit
    • Paste in that same complete pathname
    • Save the PATH environment variable, and close the System control panel
    • Start FitNesse again as described above

What to do if Apache Velocity is not found

There are two builds of the FitNesse binary:

  • fitnesse.jar contains only the fitnesse code, no dependencies. This is the version you use if you're using a dependency management system like Maven or Apache Ivy.
  • fitnesse-standalone.jar is the big one-has-all jar file containing FitNesse and support libraries.

If you're seeing this:

C:\fitnesse>java -jar fitnesse.jar
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/velocity/context/Context
        at fitnesse.FitNesseContext.(
        at fitnesse.FitNesseContext.(
        at fitnesseMain.FitNesseMain.loadContext(
        at fitnesseMain.FitNesseMain.launchFitNesse(

You probably want the latter.

Learning More

If you have not yet done so, check out the Two Minute Example. To learn more about what FitNesse acceptance testing is all about, see AcceptanceTests. If you are ready to start creating FitNesse pages and test tables, check out EditingFitNessePages[?] and CreatingTestTables[?].

Memory Issues.

When you use FitNesse extensively, some operations take more than the default memory allocated to the JVM. This can cause tests to fail for out of heap space reasons. You can fix this by adding the -Xmx100M JVM argument to the java command line when you start FitNesse. java -Xmx100M -jar fitnesse.jar.

Memory issues and the build.

If you build FitNesse from source, the ant script may fail for out of heap space reasons. You can fix this by setting the ANT_OPTS environment variable to -Xmx100M.

Old Releases

release 20160618

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fitnesse-standalone.jar4924145 bytes12404

release 20160515

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fitnesse-standalone.jar4914077 bytes9591

release 20151230

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release 20150814

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fitnesse-standalone.jar9216403 bytes20129

release 20150424

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fitnesse-standalone.jar9079776 bytes16573

release 20150226

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fitnesse-standalone.jar9045071 bytes10146

release 20150114

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fitnesse-standalone.jar8978396 bytes9191

release 20140901

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fitnesse-standalone.jar7656981 bytes17356

release 20140630

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fitnesse-standalone.jar6323081 bytes7860

release 20140623

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fitnesse-standalone.jar6325707 bytes2291

release 20140418

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fitnesse-standalone.jar6309648 bytes9257

release 20140201

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fitnesse-standalone.jar6871194 bytes279476

release 20131110

FileSize# of Downloads
fitnesse-standalone.jar7055875 bytes57136

release 20130530

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fitnesse-standalone.jar5377751 bytes19910

release 20111026

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fitnesse.jar4209712 bytes59555

release 20110104

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fitnesse.jar4174913 bytes42069

release 20101101

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fitnesse.jar4038994 bytes13414

release 20100303

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fitnesse.jar3966113 bytes35039

release 20100103

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fitnesse.jar3918055 bytes13485

release 20091121

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fitnesse.jar4822762 bytes7661

release 20090818

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fitnesse.jar4777069 bytes31193

release 20090709

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fitnesse.jar5326568 bytes10627

release 20090513

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fitnesse20090513.zip22333643 bytes22006

release 20090321

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fitnesse.jar1066873 bytes4538
fitnesse20090321.zip13715647 bytes21686

release 20090214

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fitnesse.jar1005205 bytes4498
fitnesse20090214.zip7695116 bytes35752
fitnesse_src20090214.zip5729014 bytes31592

release 20090112

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fitnesse.jar984868 bytes4467
fitnesse20090112.zip7558908 bytes7061
fitnesse_src20090112.zip5654090 bytes4301

release 20081201

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fitnesse.jar870421 bytes4543
fitnesse20081201.zip6210294 bytes8883
fitnesse_src20081201.zip5572459 bytes4250

release 20081115

FileSize# of Downloads
fitnesse.jar868938 bytes4043
fitnesse20081115.zip6188491 bytes6284
fitnesse_src20081115.zip5569678 bytes3394

release 20080812

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fitnesse.jar736137 bytes5330
fitnesse20080812.zip5856554 bytes10909
fitnesse_src20080812.zip5484115 bytes5293

release 20080702

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fitnesse.jar695739 bytes4512
fitnesse20080702.zip1969594 bytes6163
fitnesse_src20080702.zip3579035 bytes3780

release 20070619

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fitnesse.jar663683 bytes8830
fitnesse20070619.zip1874663 bytes30512
fitnesse_src20070619.zip3948325 bytes36536

release 20060719

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fitnesse.jar495037 bytes8027
fitnesse20060719.zip1517539 bytes88952
fitnesse_src20060719.zip3620673 bytes8541

release 20050731

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fitnesse.jar475255 bytes8366
fitnesse20050731.zip1269717 bytes21506
fitnesse_src20050731.zip3308056 bytes9754

release 20050405

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fitlibrary.jar123526 bytes7300
fitnesse.jar468725 bytes6973
fitnesse20050405.zip1162944 bytes7730
fitnesse_src20050405.zip1801536 bytes5379

release 20050301

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fitnesse20050301.zip1062799 bytes4894
fitnesse_src20050301.zip3362842 bytes4735