It's a Collaboration tool

Since FitNesse is a wiki web server, it has a very low entry and learning curve, which makes it an excellent tool to collaborate with, for example, business stakeholders.

It's a Test tool

The wiki pages created in FitNesse are run as tests. The specifications can be tested against the application itself, resulting in a roundtrip between specifications and implementation.

It's Open

FitNesse is an open source project. The code base is not owned by any company. A lot of information is shared by the FitNesse community. It's extremely adaptable and is used in areas ranging from Web/GUI tests to testing electronic components.

Keyboard Shortcuts ?

  • t Test page or suite
  • e Edit page
  • v View page (after test)
  • a Add new page
  • In Edit Mode
  • CTRL+s Save page
  • ESC Cancel edit
  • Tools
  • p Properties
  • w Where used?
  • AK+v Versions
  • AK+h Page History
  • / Focus on search bar
  • s Open search page
  • Go To
  • g u User Guide
  • g q Quick Reference Guide
  • g f Full Reference Guide
  • g c Recent Changes